Dating godin guitars

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Until 1977 Maxon used 5 digit serials: 1st character is a production code (1,2,3, etc., maybe related to different production location) 2nd character indicates the year of production (2=1972, 3=1973, etc.) 3rd character indicates the month of production (0=January, 1=February, ...

As Robert Godin, owner of Godin guitars, put it: “Our motivation for this project was to create a new acoustic design that would simultaneously improve sound and structural integrity.

This “aging” process means that every La Patrie acoustic guitar will actually sound better and better the more it’s played over time.

The necks on La Patrie guitars are carved from Honduras mahogany and feature an innovative double-function truss rod system not generally found in traditional classical guitars.

The wood used in these tops can be found only in previously fallen cedar trees that have an average age of about 800 years.

Characteristically speaking, this wood features a tight straight grain, which produces greater rigidity while at the same time is flexible across the grain lines.

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Seagull guitars feature a headstock which places the tuning machines roughly in line with the nut to improve tuning stability.