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Dating disaster blogs

Denise turns up in The Flood as one of the four women Dan ends up dating, and the fact she is known as a stalker tells you quite a lot already!

Along with her ex-boyfriend, Ronnie (who by the way ends up stalking Dan too), I was never short of comical scenarios to stick her in. Jack Chatham Like marmite, you either love Jack, or you hate him, but I have nothing but love for the mouthy, little, cockney-wannabee who is always raring to take the mickey out of someone’s misfortune (normally Dan! Jack’s relationship with Ollie is another highlight to write, because it pits the big, gormless, giant against the sharp-tongued mini assassin!

Being a dreamer like my father, the OG entrepreneur, and having a brain under these blond locks, I didn’t want a redneck man.

I wanted someone with more education and class but who could throw down in the mountains if necessary.

It got my thinking about the characters in my Sex, Love and Dating Disaster series.

When you meet people in real life, you don’t have the list of their likes, dislikes, what they do for a living, political affiliations (a total dealbreaker), shirtless photos (douchebag territory) and group photos where it’s like playing Where’s Waldo to pick the correct person.Determined not to pay to find love, I joined OKCupid also known as OKStupid. Pretty much it’s a place to find a partner with no job.This was the site for me back in 2010, full of artistic types who were misfits, dreamers and do-gooders like me. But hey if you wanna be a sugar momma or sugar daddy, more power to you!As a serial monogamist, I love being in love and had always found my boyfriends (some who did propose but just didn’t feel right) the old fashioned way -- through friends, at a bar/club, etc.So I joined e Harmony for a guy only to have him block me from no contact as soon as I subscribed and paid that ridiculous fee because I took too long to respond.

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First I tried My Space and would hack around the system to block it at The Times Herald, getting yelled at repeatedly for doing so but finding the fun of hacking and messaging too tempting to resist.

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