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New Yorkers say they have increasingly heard tales of couples breaking up because of the little creatures that have infested New York homes, stores and movie theaters.

One man, interviewed randomly on the street, said he knew someone who broke up because of the bugs who like to hide in mattresses.

The doubts started when I bragged to my pal Adam about my debut as a pickup artist. " Rachel—not her real name, by the way—didn't just live in Bushwick, the neighborhood that, as the locale of choice for Brooklyn's young, artsy, and penniless, is ground zero for New York's burgeoning bedbug epidemic; she also happened to rent an airless cubbyhole in one of the converted-warehouse loft buildings whose low rents and high-turnover rate make them a haven for parasites of all sorts—especially human couch surfers and the bloodsucking that feeds on them.

Blame biology: Men's skin appears to be somewhat less reactive to the proteins in bedbugs' saliva, and it seems to me that the insects also show a marked preference for feeding on female hosts.(Given a choice, isn't that who you'd bite?)Not that that makes us single guys any less paranoid.Seriously, would anyone but a horny moron risk months of discomfort, shame, and expensive treatments for a night or two of pleasure?Then again, it's not like I hadn't made precisely that wager before.

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For single men and women these days, the threat of bedbugs has supplanted even the nastiest STD as the lurking fear that keeps us up at night—and, unfortunately, even barricaded in our own clean apartments, where we've chosen to tuck in with only Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to keep us warm."I fear bedbugs more than anything else on the face of the earth," says Rebecca, a 24-year-old who works in fashion and lives in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

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