Dating ariane photoshoot dating a paralyzed person

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Dating ariane photoshoot

" - Any response - Any pose - Everything should be obvious from here Carol solo - Find Carol at party - "So, are you enjoying the party? " - When she sits on the bed, ignore dialog options and kiss her - Any response - Follow her into the bathroom - Kiss her again - Everything should be obvious from here Tammy solo - Find Tammy at party - Any response - "Would you like to see my room here?

" - Sit on the sofa (not the bed) - "Did I ever tell you how much I love your hair color? And kinda hot." - Any response - "I think you should pose naked." - Pick either pose - Everything should be obvious from here Cass and Rachel threesome - Say anything yu want to Mr Hughes and Melyssa - Find Cass and Rachel at party - Any response - "Sure.

" - "Let's sit on the bed." - "Kiss her neck" - Kiss her ass - Everything should be obvious from here Katie solo - Find Katie at the party - "Hi. My computer was running slowly, I had spysweeper sweep it, and it found this tibs dialer with a 4* star threat. I have never had a four star thread come up in spy sweeper, and must speculate that this stupid program possibly uploaded it, but I'm not completely sure. -JI guess the guys trying to make the game seem so real that you even get a virtual STD. Ok, from here, you're pretty much guaranteed to be laid no matter what you do.These are the endings for this game - One 'solo' ending for each of the models. - A threesome with Melyssa and Nikki - A threesome with Cass and Rachel - A foursome with Lisette, Tammy and Daisy If you want the Cass and Rachel threesome, make sure you pick both of them for the photoshoot.

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If you want the foursome, make sure you pick Lisette, Tammy and Daisy for the photoshoots.