Dating antique armchairs

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Dating antique armchairs

Each has been newly upholstered in a high-quality raw silk that beautifully blends with the bergeres’ original finish. (As of this writing, the matching vanity bench and three side chairs are also available, all upholstered in the same beautiful silk!)This is one of a pair of bergeres we found on our last buying trip, and is opulently upholstered in fine velvet, making the pair as beautiful as it is comfortable.Wide and Eclectic Antique furniture collection of Antique Seating.Antique Armchairs, Antique Chairs, Antique Sofas & Benches & Antique Stools dating from the 17th Century, 18th Century, 19th Century & 20th Century.The Victorian period was sandwiched between the Georgian and Edwardian periods and is probably one of the most admired and sought after periods for furniture in general.Queen Victoria’s reign was from 1837 until her death in 1901 and furniture made during that period is, strictly speaking, Victorian, however makers continued to produce furniture in the Victorian style long after her death and indeed to this very day.

If you are looking for a super comfortable and imposing office chair then you need look no further than these beauties - all handmade and assembled by craftsmen in England and available in a number of different colours of leather.Very elegant solid mahogany armchair dating to the Edwardian period.The armchair features a back panel with Art nouveau style scrolling flowers and foliage in different inlays including copper, brass ...But let’s face it, this is a blog, not an encyclopedia!One of our favorite antique French armchairs is the bergère, which we’ll be highlighting today.

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We also have examples of Art Deco chairs, including Art Deco armchairs and other Art Deco chairs together with other examples of Art Deco furniture as well as many more antique and contemporary armchairs from a variety of different periods.

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