Dating ancient roman coins

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Dating ancient roman coins

The smallest regular imperial denomination until the mid-second century CE was the copper .An even smaller coin that might have been a half-quadrans was struck at Rome for circulation in the East.

Like most questions in classical numismatics, the dating of these coins is controversial, but of about 14 grams, worth three month’s salary for a mercenary.These became the basis of their coinage denominations.Let’s start with the silver .) Measuring only four to five millimeters in diameter and weighing 0.08 to 0.12 grams, the little hemitetartemorion was the smallest Greek silver coin.But the need for even smaller units in the day-to-day transactions of city life led to the production of miniscule .I find it easier to avoid the decimals and just think of the weight as 150 to 100 milligrams.

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470-450 BCE and described as having “exceptional metal and style” (CNG Auction 90, May 2012, Lot 589).

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