Dating an afghan girl

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Dating an afghan girl

So divorce—even in extreme abuse cases—is less likely to be sought, because a woman must be prepared to lose her children.These discriminatory practices against women are pervasive, occurring across ethnic groups in both rural and urban areas.Many men were killed in the armed conflicts, and older husbands are likely to die sooner than their child brides.The average age of an Afghan widow is 35, and 94% of them are illiterate.– During the rule of the Taliban (1996 – 2001), women were treated worse than during any other leadership in the history of Afghanistan.They were forbidden to work, to leave the house without a male escort, to seek medical help from a male doctor.

In most cases, however, these practices are inconsistent with Sharia law as well as Afghan and international law.

And widespread poverty still compels many parents to get their daughters married to avoid the cost of caring for them.

Older, wealthier husbands will pay a larger bride-price for a girl.

Under the Taliban regime, women were also forced to cover themselves completely from head to toe, even covering their eyes.

Women who were doctors and teachers suddenly were forced to be beggars and even prostitutes in order to feed their families.

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Other families believe it is unnecessary for girls to be educated.