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Dating agency in russia

Successful men in their late 30s and 40s hoping to start a family can't find a partner because older women have decided they don't want children and twentysomethings are too busy establishing a career, he says.

Most agencies claim to accept only a small percentage of the women who apply, while puts it more brutally on its web site: "Most photos received by agencies in response to ads feature ordinary women, and there are no doubts why these women are alone." Alex, who works at A Foreign Affair's Moscow office, says foreign men are attracted to Russian women partly because they are very beautiful but also because they epitomize the fading dream of the immaculately made-up 1950s-style housewife.

"I don't push anything because I don't want to feel guilty in the morning.

My suggestion is that we be ambassadors for our country." But while American men might see themselves as well-mannered, not all Russian women are impressed, says Anastasia Ivanova, manager of the Best dating agency in Moscow.

"We live different lives and according to different rules than in America," she says.

"There you have stability and Americans always try to plan their lives.

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