Dating after testicular cancer

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Dating after testicular cancer

After her diagnosis, she chose to specialize in the unique sexuality needs of cancer survivors, a population she did not specifically work with previously.“I find that since we share a common history of cancer treatment, I actually reveal more personal information, mainly treatment-related experiences, than I would with clients who are not survivors,” she reports.When Repper found herself in a serious relationship with a man she truly cared about, she was upfront about her mastectomy.“I told him that it is not a ragged injury but a surgical scar, but nonetheless, I was missing a breast.” Her boyfriend was unfazed.In those situations, I’m glad that I didn’t reveal it in my online ad or on the first date.It is a little stressful to do the big reveal, and it would be a waste of my time and emotions to go through that if there’s no long-term potential.” Mark’s experience with breast cancer has also influenced the way she relates to her clients.

She received chemotherapy followed by a mastectomy and six weeks of external-beam radiation to the breast and armpit to treat her breast cancer.

Although Repper says her husband supported her throughout treatment and recovery, they eventually decided to divorce.

As she entered this new phase of her life, an important question emerged: when and how should she tell a prospective sexual partner about her cancer experience and the fact that she has only one breast and a scar that runs from her sternum to her armpit?

“There was one particular guy who, when I told him about my treatment, was impressed by how I dealt with cancer and moved beyond it and saw it as an asset.

There have been many men I’ve dated that I didn’t get to the point of revealing my cancer history because it was clear there was no spark.

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That’s what Repper did, though she had concerns about the reaction to her mastectomy scar.

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