Dating after mastectomy canad disables dating

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Dating after mastectomy

As I moved forward with a few first dates, there was great relief when none of them led to a second. This is not a story about my online dating experiences.

After my tumor was removed, I chose to have a double mastectomy.

"I found out I had breast cancer when I was 47, just three years after I had gotten divorced, and just a few months before I gave in and decided to try online dating.

When I found out I had breast cancer, I Immediately decided to write that on my profile.

Losing a breast (or two) exposes you to a vulnerability you have never known. I was left with the questions I have pondered more then I care to admit – will he find me attractive, will he be aroused, will he touch them?

Despite your warrior attitude, that vulnerability will rear its ugly head — in the way you perceive yourself, in relationships, and in the defensive barriers you build around you. A couple years after my marriage ended, I knew I was ready to find companionship and turned to online dating.

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Two subsequent surgeries followed to continue to shape my breasts so they look natural—well as natural as can be, considering all breast tissue and my nipples had been removed.

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