Dating after divorce with teenage kids

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Dating after divorce with teenage kids

Children between the ages 5 and 10 were more possessive of their mother than older children.Leah Klungness, co-author of The Complete Single Mother, states that post-divorce dating can be stressful for children.

This may be because of the diverted attention in the wake of limited time together due to custody issues.

So, if you are pretty sure you are ending up with him/her, it’s a good way to get a picture of how life is going to be. They love their dad a lot, but they see it as something fun and different, and they enjoy being around him. The person sleeping over can really bring something to the table, in other words, he or she can be a positive influence on your kids, and not take the place of their mom (or dad) but be another role model, support person for them in the future, which can be a lovely thing. The kids might begin to resent the guy/girl for taking their parent’s time and sharing their bed, especially if it’s early in the relationship. What kind of example are you setting if you have multiple men/women spend the night?

I think I can credit that to us taking our time and not having sleepovers often. Meaning, are you one of those people who allows sleepovers in every relationship?

Klungness recommends that any new relationship should be exclusive for several months (that is, a serious relationship and not a casual affair) before they are introduced to the children.

Similar research also supports this idea: a gradual approach allows children time to adjust to their parents’ dating (and the new dating partner) at a pace that allows for successful parenting.

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