Dating a scorpio support day

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Dating a scorpio support day

Here’s a secret advice: appreciate the people who tell you when you’re wrong and who try to correct you, because they are the ones who truly care about you.

Being a Fire and a Water sign, it was only natural that there be some clashes of power, some nullifying reactions between their temperaments and desires, but it’s all fine, as long as the most adaptable of them takes it upon themselves to move the relationship forward.

These are the coalescent elements that will help mend and repair their crashing relationship.

All in all, they just have to learn to accept each other for who they are, because some things are just fine the way they are, not worth changing.

Marriage is the next step on their existential path, and it can only be accomplished if they manage to make some sacrifices, learn to tolerate what each other brings to the mix.

Not only tolerate, but completely understand, even if it may be something they don’t necessary agree with.

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After all, Scorpio and Sagittarius couples are well-known for how playful and adventurous they can be, and would be a cinch to spice things up in a stagnant and tedious relationship.

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