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Dating a close family friend

When you two get in a fight, your respective families take sides.

Suddenly, your moms and dads “aren’t speaking.” It’s like when the two leaders of the cool groups in high school would fight and their posies would fight in solidarity.

They’re feeling mighty confident in their opinions these days.

If the two of you get into a fight, your entire village panics.

As long as the relationship between us is good I'm not worried.

I dated my bf for about 7 months before he introduced me to anyone.

You also just know a bit more than you want to know about his past Your boyfriend also knows everything about your exes.

You’ve been bringing them to family functions throughout the years, too.

It makes you feel like you have a weird insight into his ways that you shouldn’t.You’re each surrounded by moms and aunts and godparents, offering advice on how to fix the fight almost like generals offering war tactics.People will not rest until this dispute is resolved.Your family feels entitled to updates on your relationship.Since they essentially feel that both you and your boo are their family, they don’t think your boyfriend needs the privacy that your past boyfriends needed.

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If your boyfriend is seen out with another female—even if it’s just a friend or colleague—your families get on the case of investigating it.

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