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If you don’t want to hide your love for the trilogy, go ahead and opt for Katniss, which is expected to be at the top of the baby name charts this year. Savannah: This wasn’t the first (and it won’t be the last) Nicholas Sparks-inspired name to make the list. The book’s main character, Hester, defied norms and conventions in an oppressive, conservative time, for the sake of her illegitimate daughter, Pearl.These are two great choices with an empowering backstory. Scout or Atticus: Known for being smart, steady and an advocate of truth, kindness and justice, Atticus represents morality and reason.We’re also almost positive we’ve never met a Winfield, which means it’s likely your baby won’t have to deal with name competition or alternate spelling confusion.

It’s a fresh twist on Capri or Caprice, with the popular -ella ending.

You have to decide if you want something traditional or original, family-inspired or out of the box – and then you probably have to get at least one other human on board with your decision.

Yes, there are apps for this whole process (and we definitely recommend you check them out if you’re in a bind), but sometimes it’s best to start with something you know and love — like a favorite book.

The book’s spunky main character Scout has a unique name that manages to be classic and modern all at once.

Considering the fact that Harper Lee is now meant to be releasing a sequel to the novel, you can definitely expect these names to rise from the literary ashes in the very near future. Alice: A little bit adventurous and a little bit quirky, this character is seriously endearing. (Photo via The Guardian) 27 28: Finn or Sawyer: So technically these are the last names of Mark Twain’s most famous characters, but they’re too darn cute to leave out.

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You can see Capella on the northern horizon during summer in Australia, and it’s bright enough to be clearly visible.