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Move-in day for Will Vill North (floors 5-6), Darley South, Baker, Smith, Will Vill North (2-4), Hallett, Aden, Cockerell, Buckingham, Cheyenne Arapaho - Music majors only, Darley North (last names A-Z).

This type of thing is way more common than you think.

he's not having sex with students in his class who he is grading.) If he IS "banging sophomores" who are in his class, then he is REQUIRED to report the relationship upstairs (to a department chair), and remove the supervisory relationship--i.e. Failure to do so is a fire-able offense (even if he's tenured).

(and profoundly unprofessional.)If you KNOW (for a FACT) this has actually happened--i.e.

you did not just 'hear' about it from someone--and also know for a fact it is ongoing (i.e.

not just a one-time issue), then reporting him be the right course of action... But a Department Chair might pull him aside and tell him that he should really act more professionally...

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