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Click here for all Wisconsin statutes pertaining to home-based private educational programs.If you did not file a PI-1206 for current school year (if your child has reached at least 6 years of age on or before September first of the current year), your educational program does not meet the definition of a home-based private educational program (homeschooling).This is the official time when your child was reported as enrolled in your homeschool.If your child is leaving a public or private school, it is prudent to set up an appointment with the principal of the school and bring a copy of the PI-1206 form with you for him/her to sign and date as proof that he/she is aware that your child will no longer be enrolled in that school.In addition, the law states that, “Upon request, the home-based educational program in which the student is enrolled shall provide the School Board with a written statement that the student meets the School Board’s requirements for participation in interscholastic athletics based on age and academic and disciplinary records.” Parents may also be asked to provide additional information such as the results of a sports physical, permission for medical care in an emergency, and other health related information in addition to academic and disciplinary information.Turning over homeschooling records to their local school district, including disciplinary, academic, and health records, is not something that has been asked of Wisconsin homeschoolers since before 1984.

The information on the PI-1206 form is a report of enrollment.Because these activities fall outside the definition of homeschooling, WPA will not provide informational or other support to families.WPA will not assist homeschoolers in complying with regulations demanded by public school districts when a homeschool student wishes to participate in a public school program.WPA strongly opposed this legislation because this sets a precedent of homeschoolers reporting to their local school districts and the possibility that this oversight, initially applied only to homeschoolers wishing to be involved with their public schools, could be applied to all homeschoolers.Wisconsin statute 118.15 requires compulsory attendance between the ages of 6-18.

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School classes do not fall under the criteria of a home-based, private, educational program (the classes are provided to more than one family unit) and therefore should not be considered as a part of the 875 hours per year homeschoolers are required to provide.