Chace crawford and leona lewis dating

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But I'm like a bit dizzy.", I really felt nauseous. Not only did I watch Gossip Girl and The Covenant but I had seen each and every one of his interviews and have a scrapbook totally devoted to him. I thought that it was a lame joke that Al was playing on me about Chace Crawford being a student here. But didn't you leave your journalism and media studies for acting? "Well.", he started smiling and was messing with his hair (fainting), "theres this project that I'm working on, about a students life in the university and stuff. "Well, since I like designing and stuff so Interior designing you know.", he said and man was I going to have a heart attack.

Wait so I had just met one of the most gorgious looking guys in the world Chace Crawford.

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Chace was just walking like nothing was happening, Cil was enjoying the spotlight and me on the other hand was going with the flow.

"And we have Chace Crawford with us as he is doing research for his upcoming film The Life of a Uindent." Obviously he was going to ask him a few questions but he looked straight at me. "Yes Sir and I would want to say that it will be a pleasure to attend your classes.", he was so charming. "And it will be a pleasure taching you.", he bowed his head and Chace mimicked the action, " and the girl next to you,", I straightened up when he pointed his fingers to me, "can you define an eclectic design?He wore a Harris Tweed designers suit, that complemented his tall, masculine figure.He had almond shaped black eyes and was an African American and naturally his hair were black.Eclectic is an orchestra of color, textures, patterns, fabrics, all incorporated into one unique and individualistic style." "Very good I must say Miss? She said that it would be better if she knew the technical side as to understand the remodelling perfectly."Ah yes.", he replied and went to write something on the board behind him, "and you have her brains as well. "I mean from what I can see, she's definitly an actress material." Chace observer, "and erm I dont have a date for this party that Blake Lively is throwing. " "I will think about it.", I thought about not trusting anyone even if it meant Chace Crawfords proposal for a date.

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Professor Will asked others some general misconceptions about paints and textures. I mean did't Etan Hawke had Great Expectations from Gwyneth Paltrow in the film Great Expectations? "And don't forget to read the remaining of chapter one as wel.", he said as soon as the bell rang that signaled the end of the class. "Yeah I can't either.", I honestly had no idea as to what will happen next. Stay tuned for chapter 7 to know more about Sania and a surprise she didn't see coming.