Bret and fretzie dating

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The winning team in each competition will get certain points, which will then be added up to determine the winning house.This task will give 2 automatic slots for the Big Night.Wushu Perform a wushu exhibition using fans to the satisfaction of a panel of experts.The number of times a gong is struck determines the success or failure of the task: two times for failure and three times for success.Since there is one extra Philippine housemate, that housemate had to pass on this task.Challenge Me The housemates will battle in a series of competitions based on their area of expertise which involves basketball, stand-up comedy, modelling, arm wrestling and singing.

The original occupants of the Apartment were the Teen Housemates who grew up and lives in a privileged lifestyle in contrast to the Villa Residents.The performance should last the entire duration of "Kabataang Pinoy." The House should call Big Brother to check on their performance.The first House to flawlessly finish their performance wins.Like the previous edition, Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up, the third Teen season also used two houses, both are summer vacation-themed with beach murals, hammocks, and other amenities.Just like the past season, the two houses were also connected through the shared Confession Room and a Storage Room.

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The one striking difference of the two houses is that, the Apartment don't have any beds.