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Bisexual and gay dating sites

Actually, that ties in nicely with how I feel about entering into a relationship with a bisexual man, and ultimately why I choose not to. I'm going to take my time with him, enjoy every step.I prefer monogamy in a relationship and with a bi guy I would always feel there's a part of his sexual/romantic nature that I would be unable to satisfy. He told me last night - his big secret - that he's only ever been with one other guy before. I don't usually do 101s and I'm not going to get into anything long-term or committed but I'm very happy to show this stud the ropes.If people on this board dont appreciate homophobia then stop with the bi-phobia.Sure do wish the bitchy, desperate bottoms on this thread would just shove it up their ass already. Someone who is versatile is compelled to fuck and get fucked.My homosexual partner cheated on me with another treacherous homosexual. If you are OK with the idea that he will have sex and flings with chicks, behind your back, if you call him out on it, he'll give you the ultimatum put up with it or leave. Full on gays are just as likely to cheat or even more so than a bi guy.

I've avoided getting involved with bisexual men for years - not for any issue with their own sexual orientation but because, based on my experiences, I've always felt they were different from gay men. I've made it clear that I'm not a bottom, that I'm versatile, that I'm gay and that I'm a grown man. He says things like, "If you're lucky, maybe I'll let you do this...," etc.I've had a friend who dated a bisexual man for many years, and they had been getting more and more serious but then all of a sudden the bisexual boyfriend upped and left saying that he couldn't stand the pressure of being in a gay relationship and that he hoped he understood. With a bisexual there is always a chance, no matter how strong-minded the person may seem, that he will change lanes midway in the relationship.Because, of course, the allure of the mainstream can be greater than any man on earth.charlie, I don't see how you're providing any rationale.Bisexuals have partners and love affairs just as heterosexuals and homosexuals do. In no one's life does only one person have the capability to turn another person on. I obviously feel differently about my sexuality than you do.Why do people thing that for some reason bisexuals lack the ability to control themselves? Fedelity and all that has nothing to do with sexuality within the sexes. I'm not going to get involved in a relationship with somebody who doesn't want me to fuck them. What do you guys think about this new quote from James Franco? If We Were Back in WWII, Straight Actor James Franco Would Have Had Sex with You Maybe Between World War I and World War II, straight guys could have sex with other guys and still be perceived as straight as long as they acted masculine.

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