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Best online dating book

A Guy's Guide to Dating goes all the way from being single in school to college hookups, all the way to the 'M' word.

So, no matter what relationship or life stage you're at, Baber has some words of advice for you.

If you are new to online dating, you need this book.

As a journalist, an author, a property expert, and a mama, Dee Faith has combined her passion for writing to share her stories and thoughts on the world so that one day she can use her combined real estate knowledge to help women who need help to help themselves to get back on their feet.While it's true that relationship advice books are mostly bought by women, there are a ton of books out there that are meant to help men get the success they're seeking out in love.Many of them are ideal for helping men get out of toxic cycles and into healthy, happy relationships.She is just about to release her controversial, and cautionary tale about today’s modern world of sex, love, and connection in her new book ‘The Dickhead List’.Initially fuelled by revenge this scorned lady turned her pain into passion, her loss into laughs—to not just heal her broken heart but to help others—giving them an insiders take on the online dating world, spilling the beans on who's who in the zoo while avoiding the 'dickheads'.

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If you know a guy who's struggling in love, you might want to gift them one of the best dating books for guys—such as these relationship-expert approved titles below.

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