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If further communication is received from be2 with regard to ‘payment reminders’ this will be considered harassment and I will be seeking legal advice accordingly. I sent a fax on May 24, with 3 follow up emails and they said not sent in time, which I did, before 13 June renewal date. Does anyone know who we can report this company too? There were all sorts of legal threats so I cancelled my credit card as my bank warned me they would still keep trying to withdraw from my account. They then wrote back and said the notice period was not 2 weeks but 6 weeks and that I would be billed again for a further 6 months almost 0.

Please take this as the final communication between myself and be2 as, based on your communication below, I will not be making a payment so all further communication will be with your nominated collection agency. I have not met anyone and now I have tried to cancel and will not let me. “Fuzzy” photos which were to be revealed only if I paid another 9, so I attempted to cancel - impossible to contact them & they still took 9 from my bank account. I duly sent off a scanned written and signed letter in time for them to cancel adhering to the notice period.

Obviously making it difficult for anyone to cancel.

They investigated the case and determined the charges to my card on behalf of be2 to be not in accordance with New Zealand Consumer Law and therefore fraudulent. I am more than happy to share the same information with your nominated collection agency and feel confidant the outcome will be the same. I can only repeat what the other reviews have stated. In the fine print it says to cancel your account you need to send a fax and ONCE PROCESSED your account will no longer be billed. I had a written agreement that they required 14 days notice to cancel ahead of the June final membership date.

It is a trap for the vulnerable and I suggest others to stay away. I have disputed the charges and hopefully my financial institution with resolve this to my satisfaction. I handed all of the information and communication between myself and be2 to the disputes/fraud department of my banking provider. 1 month later I found they took an additional 0 from my account.

Sign up was confusing price misleading (i was told I'd get 2 weeks free trial, if I liked it then. Said 1/3 months from the Australian au site, so I assumed it was Australian dollars, not actually what dollars they charge.3. Coz I didn’t check my bank account at that point of time so, they got away with it!!!! I eventually had to cancel my credit card and resort to the bank to get (some of) my money back. Sent 3 Letters within the 14 day notes period according to their terms and conditions, did not hear at all from them.

I've paid almost 00 in 7 months, did not realise the subscription would just renew again after 3 months, no emails asking if I'd like to renew they just took the money from my acct4. same photo with 4 different user names, profile etc. Send e-mail to Ozi customer service e-mail only automated reply only. Keep receiving nasty e-mail pay up or we will pass on to debt collectors. After all I sent them 3 letters to Luxemburg asking to CXL!

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She has phoned the bank to cancel the transaction and her card.