Battlefield 2 rank not updating dating jewish people

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BF2 Hardcore does NOT modify original game files and does not conflict with vanilla Battlefield 2.Be sure to check out: Servers for Battlefield 2 HARDCORE LAUNCHING: Greetings everybody, I'm back here!As always, you can download all maps in Addons section.I recommend you to download Co-op Map Pack which includes all 18 maps in one file.Battlefield 2 Hardcore (BF2HC) is a gameplay, multiplayer-focused modification for one of the best FPS ever.This mod is designed to make gameplay more tactical and to bring you new amazing multiplayer experience while still playing good old Battlefield 2.My stats are not updating on my BF3_AIMBOT_ZA account my stats view me as rank 21 but im on 31....

oo it must be because those posts were deleted and therefore deletes my post count with it?I created a banner and realize the stats are not updating.When I visit says the stats are refreshing, but I've checked over a few days and its the same thing. My battlelog soldiers code is 521906259 or alternatively go to this link Could someone please help or advise me what to do thanks At the bottom of your bf3stats profile there is a link: 'Lookup player again' which fixes such problems.

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I would say we have explored nearly every aspect of BF2HC during our conquest, co-op and infantry-only rounds, and now this mod is as close to perfection as it never used to be.