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But it was such a short drive home and we hate to begin a discussion that we know we won’t be able to finish.

Once home, we changed our clothes, picked up some different clothes for the kids, and traded the Odyssey for the...

All I was going to do was ask if Laura how long she would be.

When I saw her leaning over the sink in just her knickers, something clicked in my head; taking me back to the conversation we were having before the furniture was delivered. Even then it had just been my intent to wind Laura up a little, but she... Our parents had the brilliant idea of naming us nearly the same thing, Lea and Leo. He has the same gold-colored hair I do but his is curly while mine is long and board straight.

If you’re looking for a new and romantic experience to share with your significant other, you should consider one of the many spas in Barcelona that offer luxurious massages for couples.

Located right off of Gran Vía is Thai Center Spa, a spa which specializes in the various styles of Thai relaxation and rejuvenation massages.

This spa is the perfect place to treat yourself if you want to have more freedom of choice in the treatments that you will receive.

To make your appointment today you can call or email and treat yourself and your partner to something unforgettable.

Afterwards you will be taken to the “Garden of Eden” for your 90-minute couples massage, followed by a relaxing bath, glasses of champagne, all accompanied by fruit and chocolate.

This package is €99 per person but well worth every penny.

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After your 60 minutes of massage are up they will give you 15 extra minutes to relax with your partner in the peaceful and beautiful atmosphere around you.