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I began looking through his past tweets and noticed some interesting messages, but soon enough other news events took precedence and I forgot about the tweet.

I revisited Zu’s tweet stream again this week after watching a press conference held by the Toronto Police (where Avid Life Media, the parent company of Ashley Madison, is based).

Nevertheless, I have no intention of posting a retraction or correcting any elements of this story.

But I’m publishing a copy of the letter (PDF) from Bhatia’s lawyer in the likely event that other publications have also received libel and defamation threats from Ashley Madison and/or its current and former employees.

Here is the first of likely several posts examining individuals who appear to be closely connected to this attack.

It was just past midnight on July 20, a few hours after I’d published an exclusive story about hackers breaking into Ashley

Their current partial address is Dublin 4, and the company status is Dissolved with the company closing on Wednesday the 24th of September 2014.Now, an attorney for the former executive is threatening a libel lawsuit against this author unless the story is retracted.According to Bhatia’s attorney, the part of the story they consider defamatory has to do with the headline of the piece, and this bit: “A review of those missives shows that on at least one occasion, a former company executive hacked another dating website, exfiltrating their entire user database. 30, 2012, Raja Bhatia, the founding chief technology officer of Ashley Madison.com, sent a message to Biderman notifying his boss of a security hole discovered in nerve.com, an American online magazine dedicated to sexual topics, relationships and culture.The Toronto cops mostly recapped the timeline of known events in the hack, but they did add one new wrinkle: They said Avid Life employees first learned about the breach on July 12 (seven days before my initial story) when they came into work, turned on their computers and saw a threatening message from the Impact Team accompanied by the anthem “Thunderstruck” by Australian rock band AC/DC playing in the background.After writing up a piece on the bounty offer, I went back and downloaded all five years’ worth of tweets from Thadeus Zu, a massively prolific Twitter user who typically tweets hundreds if not thousands of messages per month.

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But in Canada — where Bhatia’s attorney and Ashley Madison’s parent company Avid Life Media are headquartered — the libel laws are more complex for defendants.

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