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Dating is a daunting process, especially for those of us who do not have the luxury of being in a setting designed to facilitate it (e.g., high school, college, etc.). Wouldn't it be great to have an efficient way of sifting through eligible partners to maximize one's chances of finding a good match?

This is why online dating sites are constantly promoting their personality questionnaires, compatibility algorithms, and the like.

I didn’t think I’d have much luck on a site that asked me for my favorite Bible passage.

I didn’t have one, so I chose the Old Testament instead. ) My Christian friends informed me that choosing a whole book wasn’t technically a passage, and that I could go with a popular section like “Love is patient, love is kind,” but that brought back too many memories of a dying Mandy Moore in All the more reason to avoid niche dating websites unless you’re absolutely committed to the subject.

Citadelle by Exupery(1948) (translated into English as The Wisdom of the Sands) Age 55 From Uxbridge, United Kingdom Online - Over 2 weeks ago Woman Seeking Man (17 Miles Away) Hi.

I would describe myself as a fairly new (1yr) rider who is looking to meet up with guys or girls for rides and social meets.

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As appealing as I might find the idea of dating an atheist (especially because I've had so few opportunities to do so), I would be crazy to turn my back on Christians.

My most rewarding relationships have been with Christians.

What is your reaction to the idea of an online dating site exclusively for Christians?

My initial response was something along the lines of, "I guess such a fragile worldview must be insulated against reality as much as possible." But on second thought, I've decided that it probably isn't quite that simple.

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Just because Atheist Passions is the only one I've heard of does not mean that there are not others.

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