Are mz berry and ray j dating

Posted by / 14-Nov-2019 23:41

Something has to be seriously wrong with this bish for her to do all of these outlandish things.

Only a true mentally ill person will stoop to this level for publicity.

Stop focusing so much on the physical aspects and what “tricks” she can do or “gifts” she has.

These types of females aren’t going to have anything else to offer you. I’m sure vh1 could care less about classy, respectable females.

You’re not going to find love with her, just an unsightly, contagious rash.

3) Sit down, pay attention, and make a REAL connection with them.

She claims that she has great family and friends but where are they now? How many viewers sang Hurricane Chris’ “She’s Fine (Halle Berry)” when Ray J chose Mz. It feels as if Ray J has taken my advice this season.

You say you want an aggressive woman…” Tanika joked back.

It seems as if, even now, a lot of people are surprised by her strange actions.

Have a little respect and learn these females’ real names.

2) If during the first conversation you have with one of these “women” (and I use this term loosely), she starts humping the table and shakin what her momma gave her, eliminate her immediately.

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4) Nicknames like “Danger”, “Trouble” and “Heartbreaker” are not the nicknames you want to give your future boo. They want ratings so odds are the house is going to be filled with hoochies, drama queens, and psychos.