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We also present DUSC (Dynamic Updating through Swapping of Classes), a tool that we developed and that implements our technique.Finally, we describe an empirical study that we performed to validate the technique on a real Java subject.The paper’s key insight is that flexible, safe, and efficient DSU can be supported by naturally extending existing VM services.By piggybacking on classloading and garbage collection, JVOLVE can flexibly support additions and replacements of fields and methods anywhere within the class hierarchy, and in a manner that may alter class jvolve # Command for building and testing ./bin/buildit localhost --test-run jvolve # Command for building alone (for use later) ./bin/buildit localhost # Command for running DSU-specific regression tests ./bin/buildit localhost Base Adaptive Semi Space DSU Now is a good time to explain what Base Adaptive Semi Space DSU means.

Software evolves to fix bugs and add features, but stopping andrestarting existing programs to take advantage of these changes can be inconvenient and costly.

The challenge is to develop DSU infrastructure that is flexible, safe, and efficient—DSU should enable updates that are likely to occur in practice, and updated programs should be as reliable and as efficient as those started from scratch.

This paper presents the design and implementation of a JVM we call JVOLVE that is enhanced with DSU support.

The results of the study show that our technique can be effectively applied to Java software with only little overhead in both execution time and program size.

Jvolve is a Java VM with Dynamic Software Updating (DSU) support.

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