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If you do have an STI, using a condom will help prevent passing it on. You can get free, confidential advice and treatment from your GP or specialist clinics in your area, even if you're under 16.

Hospitals often have sexual health clinics (also known as GUM clinics), which test for and treat STIs.

If this happens and you're worried you have caught an STI, you can get confidential help and advice in your local area, as well as free testing for STIs, at: Find sexual health services near you Chlamydia is one of the most common STIs in the UK.

It can be easily tested for and testing is free and confidential at a sexual health clinic or GP surgery.

If you decide to continue with the pregnancy, you should start your pregnancy (antenatal) care as soon as possible. You can get pregnant if you have sex without a condom or the condom splits or comes off.

In this case, to avoid pregnancy you can either: Take a pregnancy test if your next period doesn't arrive when you expect it to.

Talk to a nurse or doctor at a clinic or GP surgery about what type of contraception is right for you.

If you have sex without a condom or the condom splits or comes off, you're also at risk of getting an STI.

This means you don't have to think about your contraception every day or every time you have sex.Always ask your doctor or pharmacist to advise you about this if they're giving you any medicines.Find out more about taking the pill when you're sick or have diarrhoea If someone has forced or persuaded you into a sexual situation you're uncomfortable with, help is available.Option Line live chat is available any time, day or night.We offer free, confidential help, information about pregnancy signs and symptoms, information on all your options, and we can quickly connect you to the local assistance you need.

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