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Adhd chat rooms for adults

My life is totally "If I am not worried about something, something is wrong.." Altho, by the grace of God, I am getting better..." I want to also add that I have "self medicated' for years...anyone wanna share about that? Searchin Mom38089.8540509259Well, I had major problems with math too. - Glen I have found chat rooms can become almost"Incestous" and i have a policy of using the message board medium as a general rule. If anyone is interested please leave a reply,and I will see how many returns I get.And when someone would try to show me how to do it, I'd be able to listen for a while and then would shut down and cry. Then I will try to replay with a chat room I create I've just been scanning all the old threads and found this one...I would consult with your doctor about your feelings and if they still do not offer you to try it, then find a doctor who will 'hear' you...research it, and then present it to them.... But what I struggle with is getting the paper work done. I can talk all day about science, but can't grade a set of tests. Anyway it's sad how about half the forums I resided on are damaged or now gone. I think that people with ADHD need to start a chat room.I hate having a zillion thoughts run through my head and feel anxious all the time.... And I know the kids get annoyed when they don't get their tests back in a decent amount of time. Then the anxiety builds when I try to go to bed at night. I'll never understand the need to hurt people you don't even know. we can all invade mark's place and take it over!!!!!! I would really like to talk to other people with my problem.I recently had a very bad experience with at Physciat sorry for the spelling. If you want to know some of the side effects I have had with is drug, I'll be happy to share with you. You have a better chance at making it through life with you're coworkers and spouse. I have only so much quality time left and I am in a hurry to get where I want to be before it's lights out for me. the only chat room I found was on yahoo for adult add.I would like to find one who could really help me with this. That is the one reason that I began going to the web chat room. Yes, I guess there's more of us out there than we realize. Well, I have an appoinment Tuesday at 6 with a counselor. I have my appointment tomorrow at 6 so hopefully I can get this solution on the road. No one there talks about add though and they are a tight knit group that does not seem to welcome strangers. Or PM me if you want to chat I have aol, yahoo IM and MSN instant message.dixiepeep- There is a chat room that i used last site is called 'a.d.h.d. It is kind of new but the people I talked to were very freindly. I get hives when I eat chocolate or drink alcohol, it even makes me sick. I want to speak to others who have gone through similar situations.I think to some degree we all have a part of this, but I also believe that when it effects or has affected your life, there is a problem... Hi, I'm new and would like to talk to people about adult ADD. Mark - Mark Goode38494.1616319444i think it is a great idea Here are a few: also has one under health an wellness. My Telus ISP banned it after it was decimated during the attack a couple days ago by the warrior virus. I'm told you can put up to 2500 people on simultaneously!After my son was diagnosed, and I looked into it, I asked my doctor (who is his) to let me try some adderall..15mg... I actually feel better, thought process is focused, as well as I just overall feel more confident in whatever I am doing... I teach science and love the fact that I use all of my degree for it. It usually takes me about 30-45 minutes after I lay down and turn out the lights to go to sleep. Sounds like it's a cheap and easy way but you tell me.

I have struggled all my life not know what or why I was different or so I thougth from others. I began to realize that when we were young our learning disabilities didn't have a label on them as now. So what, we can't even find the right Dr that is knowledgeable about it.

But, the following terms must be met and must be clearly stated in your post: include the following 12 items: project title, project description, the project objective, the design/methods of the project, characteristics of required participants, main outcome measures, names & status of researchers, name of funding bodies, names of any other involved organisations, starting date of project, expected completion date, and contact details.

However, everytime I have gone there, there is never anyone on there. If you save that to your desk top it will automatically pop up to that when you click on it after that.

As a result, standardized criteria were set down to help specialists diagnose ADHD in adults, called the Utah Criteria.

These, and other newer tools such as the Conners Rating Scale and the Brown Attention Deficit Disorder Scale, combine data on personal history and current symptoms.

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