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Panel proposals should also include a 100-word rationale for the panel along with the individual abstracts (300 words each) and must include presenters from multiple institutions, and, ideally, crossing fields of rhetorical studies, from English to Communication and beyond.Please do not include any identifying information in the abstracts or panel proposals (identify as “speaker 1,” 2, etc.). Please use “ARSTM RSA 2020 Preconference Submission” as your email subject, and provide preferred contact information in the email.Any questions about this CFP and the ARSTM preconference at RSA may be addressed to Dr.

Submissions may be in the form of individual abstracts or panel proposals of four participants.

To suggest that attending to and counteracting bias will impoverish scholarly rigor or quality signals to minoritized scholars that their work is presumed to be less rigorous or of lower quality.

We also affirm our organizational commitment to increasing diversity because it is just.

Although boundary work has commonly been leveraged to describe the rhetorical practices of demarcation and separation (Gieryn, 1983; Keränen, 2005; Miller, 2005, Derkatch, 2012), rhetorical scholars have also taken an interest in practices that foster understanding, calibration, or coordination across boundaries (Ceccarelli, 2001; Wilson & Herndl, 2007; Graham & Herndl 2013).

is an opportune moment to re-visit the implications of boundary-work in ARSTM.

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