Acadia dating mn

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Acadia dating mn

This first settlement was called Somesville in honor of Abraham and his family, and the fjard came to be known as Somes Sound.The wise decision to begin a settlement here greatly aided in the further development of the whole island.

In the early days, people got here by foot, horse, wagon, or boat, and it took a long time. Somesville, Maine, the oldest settlement on Mount Desert Island (dating from 1761), is a picturesque little village located at the northern end of Somes Sound - once referred to as a fjord but now is categorized as a "fjard." Somesville is actually not a township at all but part of the municipality of Mount Desert, Maine, whose office is located in Northeast Harbor.There is gorgeous scenery here year round including beautiful views of Somes Sound, its inlets, and the mountains to the east.As mentioned in other postings on Acadia, the French Explorer Samuel de Champlain had to winter in Otter Cove after his ship was damaged in 1604 by a submerged rock thought to be what is now called the Spindle near Otter Cliff.Long before this, Native Americans were crossing over from the mainland to MDI to fish and gather.

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Since this was also before the Revolutionary War of 1776, Britain was the main governing body.

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