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6520 speedstream updating

However, you can email the logs to me, at sems at sems dot org or you can post it to forums. How could I load my new username and password into the modem and then be able to use the wireless section of the modem ? RPBPosted by RPB (email) on 3/4/2008 AMCan't help you much to unlock the modem, as I never did it, while I had the modem I used it to access features not listed by default interface.

There is plenty of guys there that can help you out as well. There might be options there to change user/pass, but I no longer have the modem, so I can't verify it.

Then open via IE, Firefox, or your favorite web browser and voila. As a test, I enabled Dynamic DNS support and it worked like a charm.

Happy surfing :)Posted 7/12/2007 AM @ | Semshey men thats a good post but i download de firmware and my router lost the signal like a normal modem and i cant download de firmware can you hell my plis to upgrade my router 6520Posted by kenneth (email) on 9/11/2007 AMI can try to help, once I can understand what you mean. (My post does not require any new firmware or upgrades!

It turns out Bell has crippled the interface, disabling many options, such as Dynamic DNS support.

I couldn't find a Siemens original firmware to upload but I found a solution.

I know in time they release newer versions with same model number and it might be your issue.

Posted by Sems on 12/4/2008 AMI hope this note will help save someone else some time: Have speedstream 6520. Detailed notes: I'm in Toronto, ON, Canada, so I should have guessed that firmware from NZ or Australia might cause me some problems.

Both show router IP as, edit it to match your router.Resetting doesn't work as the isps software is still there.Thanks Posted by com on 11/6/2007 AMI have been given a Speeddtream 6520 by a friend who just moved to the states and i have lost contact with him for while.Posted by Joe Blow on 3/19/2008 AMSince I no longer have the unit, I can't check it out. You can check the forums at dslreports.com, someone there might be able to assist as well. Posted by RPB (email) on 3/29/2008 AMI have a speedstream 6520 that i converted to bridge mode (by changing the ip addy to and I now want to access the router to check my line stats etc. I don't want to convert it back to router mode if I don't have to. thanks Posted by capte (email) on 6/1/2008 AMWe have a Speedstream 6520 on Bell.Posted by Sems on 3/19/2008 AMHi, I found the way to unlock the Modem Siemens 6520 in Siemens Aussie site. If I do have to convert it back, how do I go about doing it? Posted by indedarktoo (email) on 4/13/2008 AMEven in bridged mode, web interface should be accessible, you'll simply have to plug in a computer to one of the switch ports and manually assign IP. still get an error page (404) I've switched to Distributel ... I'm not sure if I ever had the user name and password to log in, but in any case, I don't have it now. Thanks Posted by Andy Strote (email) on 9/4/2008 AMYou can do couple things. Try the default user/password, it should be in its documentation. Hard reset the unit, this should also reset the user/password. Posted by Sems on 9/6/2008 AMNice that Siemens has nothing on the US/Canada site to help us.

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I have the time zone/time server stuff set; but it won't find a time server for some reason.

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